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Construction and Fabrication

We have two construction sheds wherein fabrication and building of boats and barges are done.

Construction sheds measuring 80 x 30 x18m and 30 x 30 x 18m, that is a covered area of 3,300 sq.m. served by two rolling tracks, longitudinal and transversal, measuring 180m and 60m each.

We have competent team of staffs comprising of carpenters, welders, fitters and burners.

The fabrication workshop have the following features that are also being improved on regularly:





Somua Lathe Machine



Cazeneuve Lathe Machine



Missal Lathe Machine



Leblond Lathe Machine



Renault Lathe Machine



Small Lathe Machine




Shaping Machine                                 :           24” Stroke

Drilling Machines (Syderic)                   :           31m/m Drill Bit

Drilling Machines (Rickmond)                :           31m/m Drill Bit

Drilling Machines                                 :           12m/m Drill Bit

Drilling Machines                                 :           31m/m Drill Bit

Power Hacksaw                                   :           255m/m

Hydraulic Press                                   :           200 Tons

Hydraulic Press                                   :           50 Tons

Rolling Machine                                   :           18m/m

Rolling Machine                                   :           10m/m

Milling Machine                                    :           1

Grinding Machines                               :           2

Diesel Air Compressor                          :           350 CFM - 3Nos. / 250 CFM – 1No.

Diesel Welding Machines                      :           9Nos.

Electric Welding Machines                     :           20Nos.

Esab Aluminium welding machines         :          4nos


Engine Rebuilding Workshop

Our engine rebuilding workshop is equipped with tools and equipment necessary for rebuilding of different types, makes and ratings of engines both marine and industrial engines.

We are specialist in the repairs and rebuilding of Cummins engines, Detroit engines, Deutz engines, Caterpillar engines e.t.c. We have a team of competent and qualified personnel for the repairs, maintenance and rebuilding of these engines.


Dry Plant and Machinery

The plant and machinery department give a strong support to all the activities going on in the shipyard. It is divided into Rigging, crane maintenance and generator maintenance. We have competent staffs that care for the equipments- both Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electrical system necessary for smooth running of the shipyard.

They have the capacity to overhaul, repair and assemble all sorts of cranes: Overhead, tower and mobile cranes ranging from 15T to 250T, and generators ranging from 4KVA to 1000kva

Our team of pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical engineers are able to meet up any repair or maintenance work.

The riggers assist the yard mechanics, electricians, Welders to carry out their jobs effectively. The highly skilled riggers are involved in maneuvering, loading and offloading equipments to and fro barges, boats etc. The riggers have at their disposals sling wires, shackles, and chain blocks to enable them handle their jobs effectively.


Electrical / Electronics

The electrical section comprises of electrical, electronic and IT. They are competent in the repairs of navigational / electrical / electronic system in the shipyard and boats. They also ensure the smooth running of all electrical system both in the shipyard. The IT section ensures the smooth running of the IT Infrastructure .


Health Safety and Environment

At NBTC Health Safety and Environment is a strong aspect of our work ethics and jobs are supervised to ensure safety. With an effective cashes plan, HSE Level 3 certification, our accredited safety professionals are working towards getting our International organization for standardization (ISO14001) certification for quality assurance.

It is the aim of NBTC Management to operate in a safe and economic manner. It is our policy to carry out our operations in such a way that health and safety of employees and others who may be affected are safe guarded. To comply with all company policies and applicable governmental laws and regulations.


Medical Unit

In NBTC LTD, we take employees health and wellbeing as our topmost priority. we have a well equipped first aid unit that is easily accessible to all staffs. The first aid unit is run by a team of well trained nurses. The staff are always available to address emergency cases, casualty evacuation, first aid, occupational health. We also have retainer hospitals where our staff are referred to for treatment.



NBTC has a shipyard facility security plan which provides a prevention strategy against illegal acts occurring throughout the facility. This plan also covers all assets, vessels under construction/conversion or repair and all personnel working within our confines. We have high standard level of surveillance on the yard. This includes routine checks of the people and vehicles passing in and out through the shipyard’s gates.


Base Facilities:

NBTC has a land mass of 135,000m2 with 550m of river frontage and 200m Wharf with a draft of 6.2meters

  •  Floating Dock with a lifting capacity of 400 Tons
  • Floating dock with a lifting capacity of 2000 tons
  • Slipway with a  lifting capacity of 1000 tons.
  •  A  fixed 250 Tons Shore Derrick
  • Two (2) Repairs and Steel Construction Workshops, covering 2,400m2 and 900m2 respectively served by Two (2) Rolling Tracks
  • Administrative Building with 800m2 of Offices and an Operating Control Tower with 150m2 space.
  • One (1) Mechanical Engineering Workshop covering 2,520m2 with Spare Parts and Consumables Stores.
  • Changing Rooms, Canteen and Clinic, covering 395m2 space.
  • 2,350m2 of Stores.
  • 30,000m2 of Storage Area, including 12,000m2 developed for Container Stacking.
  • Fuel (Diesel) 380 Tons Storage Surface Tank, connected to the Wharf, with Volumetric Meter.

Mechanical Mobile Lifting Equipment including 60 Tons Manitowoc Track Cranes: 50, 40, 30 & 20 Tons Mobile Cranes; 15 – 5 Tons forklifts; Pay Loaders etc


We operate an extensive facility, complete with the necessary equipment and staffing personnel that ensures quality is delivered to each of our clients. Our strength lies in our ability to deliver our services through experience, a well monitored time, cost efficient and quality approach.





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